Who is Public Skills Australia?

Public Skills Australia is a Jobs and Skills Council (JSC) that works with the Public Safety and Government industry-sectors.

These include: 

  • Correctional Services
  • Defence
  • Federal, State/Territory and Local Government
  • Fire and Emergency Services
  • Police.


What are Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs)?

JSCs are not-for-profit organisations that work with their industry-sectors to identify current workforce challenges or potential skills shortages. They develop and review relevant training packages, and support the implementation, monitoring, and promotion of vocational education and training (VET) within their industry-sectors.

Every JSC is industry-owned. They bring together employer and employee bodies as well as governments in a tripartite arrangement to address workforce and training challenges.

How do JSCs work?

JSCs are funded through Grant Agreements with the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations. They work collaboratively with their industry-sectors and other stakeholders such as Jobs and Skills Australia to share industry intelligence.

All JSCs are governed through an elected Board, and hold Annual General Meetings with its ordinary and affiliate memberships.

Public Skills Australia values the contributions, expertise and knowledge of its industry-sectors. We gather much of our industry intelligence from our Industry Advisory Group that includes representatives from each industry-sector. We also engage with the Public Safety and Government industry through a series of subcommittees and networks.

Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning explores the challenges, risks and current datasets that encompass the unique workforces of relevant industry-sectors.  

Training Product Development

Training Product Development is key to addressing workforce challenges. It includes reviewing training packages and developing new products to ensure that training remains contemporary and fit for purpose.

Implementation, Promotion and Monitoring

Implementation, Promotion and Monitoring supports the delivery and effectiveness of training packages, and supports learners and Registered Training Organisations.

Industry Stewardship

Industry Stewardship requires JSCs to collect relevant information that guides the development of important policies, guidelines and strategies.

Police image © State of Queensland (Queensland Police Service) 2022 is licenced under CC BY 4.0