The Australian Government has recently appointed, as one of 10 Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs), the Public Safety Industry Committee to establish a new entity to provide services that support skilled and robust public safety and government workforces.

Public Skills Australia has been created to serve as this JSC and will provide a range of services to the public safety and government workforces. These services include:

Training Product Development that meets industry needs for training and upskilling our workforce, and supports the transferability of skills across the industry.

Workforce Planning through consultation with industry and intelligence gathering on industry’s workforce development needs. This will support the development of workforce plans based on evidence and industry need that will identify the current and future skills and roles across public safety and government workforces. 

Monitoring, Implementation and Promotion through the establishment of effective industry networks and partnerships that enhance engagement with key VET organisations, stakeholders and diverse groups within the public safety and government industry.

Industry Stewardship through advocacy and industry-specific advice regarding industry workforce challenges and skills needs. This includes being a key advisor to the Commonwealth and the Public Skills Australia board on behalf of the public safety and government industry.